100% Organic


   RAW - Richer in Antioxidants,
   Magnesium and Iron


   Naturally Gluten Free


   Refined Sugar Free


   Dairy and Soy Free


   Suitable for Vegans and
   Raw Foodists


   Low Glycaemic Index





COCOA Raw Chocolate and Superfoods

COCOA raw chocolate is made of cold pressed cacao beans in a craft "Bean-to-Bar" process delivering an unrivalled retention of the cacao's plentiful health benefits in the final product. COCOA dairy free chocolate is ideal for Vegans and all dairy intolerant chocolate fans. Our range is 100% organic and a pure composition of cacao, superfoods and natural ingredients from ecological farming. Our healthy chocolate is refined sugar free, soy free and naturally gluten free. We have zero tolerance for enhancers, fillers and other "nasties" which add weight and cheat senses. 

We dedicate our carefully selected range to all health, diet and life style conscious chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. Those, who want to delight themselves with their favourite treat... and feel good about it. And it tastes amazing - WE PROMISE!  


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