100% Organic


   RAW - Richer in Antioxidants,
   Magnesium and Iron


   Naturally Gluten Free


   Refined Sugar Free


   Dairy and Soy Free


   Suitable for Vegans and
   Raw Foodists


   Low Glycaemic Index






Our passion with superfoods began in 2010. The raw cacao beans, which we sold in our niche online store at that time, have stimulated our imagination right from the start. We were dreaming about having our own place - where we could transform those beans into chocolate creations, through a magic process that carries the absolutely best, flawless and pure taste of cacao through to the end product.

After a very adventurous - sometimes dramatic - but truly educational journey, our dreams became a reality!

Following thousands of attempts and experimentations we have finally developed a unique making process. Which delivers not only the purest, untainted by beans roasting, taste of cacao, but also best preserves the abundance of its health benefits.

We proudly define ourselves as a true Bean-to-Bar producer. We have a full control over the whole chocolate creation process. Starting from receivng raw cacao beans - sourced directly from organic farms in Peru and Ecuador - and ending with puttig our products in the final packaging. This process is very diligent, time consuming and not so much automated. Being a niche specialist, we operate only few bespoke tools and machinery, which leaves generous space for human intervention. Which we believe adds considerably to the qualitty and value of our final creations.

At no point we use a single third party to make any semi-processed components of our chocolate, e.g. a cocoa mass. And from the start to the end we are loyal and truthful to our founding concept - 100% organic, raw and healthy superfoods.


With an unwavering belief in success, endless passion, hard work and a bit of luck, we have been able to delight hundreds of thousands of chocolate lovers and connoissueurs in many countries.